Earth Rewards is the environmental rewards program that benefits you AND the planet

At Earth Rewards®, we believe in keeping things simple and fun. The Earth Rewards app helps you track your carbon footprint, reduce and offset your carbon impacts and help protect endangered rainforests. It’s a simple and convenient way to live a more eco-conscious life.

Doing your bit for the planet has never been easier…

Footprint Calculator

Track your carbon footprint on-the-go, from your weekly shop to your summer staycation – you choose the impacts you want to track.

Learn & Earn

Test your knowledge and complete our exciting in-app lessons and e-missions to earn Earth Rewards that help offset your carbon footprint

Protect the Planet

Every Earth Reward (ERZ) protects 2 square metres of rainforest plus offsets 1kg of your carbon footprint, thanks to the Trocano Project.

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A few things you can do with your Earth Rewards

Earth Rewards ®  points (ERZ) help protect endangered rainforests. They can also be used towards offsetting your carbon emissions.  As each ERZ you collect equates to 1kg CO2e, you can use them to balance the impacts you can’t avoid.  Use our footprint calculator to find out the impacts of your everyday life, from your daily commute, to a meal out or even your 2020 staycation. 

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47 Earth Rewards could offset your mobile phone usage for 1 year

500 Earth Rewards could offset a return flight from London to Glasgow

Carbon footprint calculator.

Our green app has a super simple carbon calculator.  You can add your impacts to the footprint calculator as often as you want, so every time you do your weekly shop, take a road trip or just track the impacts and see how much it adds to your carbon footprint. 

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Earth Rewards Features

The Earth Rewards program is designed to engage with the increasing demand consumers have for making environmentally-conscious purchasing and lifestyle decisions.  It is aimed at consumers looking for an exciting, relevant and convenient way to fulfil their green goals.

Omni-Channel Compatible

The Earth Rewards program is designed to be equally applicable across all purchasing channels, from bricks-and-mortar stores, e-commerce sites and mobile apps.  Rewards are delivered directly to the user’s account, irrespective of where they shop.

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Environmental Benefits

Each Earth Reward carries an offset value of 1kg CO2e, made possible through high quality carbon offsets that represent a combination of positive environmental and community benefits brought by fully verified avoided deforestation projects.

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Blockchain Technology

Utilising private blockchain technology ensures efficient and secure tracking of all Earth Rewards transactions.  It also provides immutable record of all offsets being transacted.  Each Earth Rewards partner will carry their own node for efficient auditing. 

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