Rewards for you AND the planet

At Earth Rewards®, we believe positive environmental actions should be made simple for everybody.  Shop great offers at popular stores & earn planet-positive points to offset your carbon footprint.

Get Great Offers

Shop with our retail partners from the Earth Rewards app to get great deals from brands all doing their bit towards sustainability.

Earn Earth Rewards

Earn points for your purchases with our retail partners, in addition to the offers you’ll get from the retailers.

Track your Emissions

Use our in-app carbon tracker to help you measure the carbon footprint of your everyday actions, on-the-go. 

Offset your Footprint

Use the points you’ve earned from your purchases to help you reduce and offset your carbon footprint.

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Here’s some of the exciting retailers you can shop with when you download our app…

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Protect Rainforest

Earth Rewards points help protect the Amazon Rainforest

Every Earth Rewards point helps protect endangered Amazon Rainforest from deforestation. They also empower you to offset your carbon footprint, to help bring balance to your impact on the planet.  A single point has the power to offset 1kg CO2e of your carbon footprint.

Start by tracking your carbon impacts with our in-app tracker to measure your carbon footprint and earn Earth Rewards points to offset.


Our Carbon Footprint Tracker

The Earth Rewards app has a super simple carbon calculator to help you track and manage the emissions from your everyday actions.  You can add your impacts to the footprint calculator as often as you want, on-the-go.

From your energy bills, holidays and car use, down to your daily coffee fix and everything in between, use the tracker to calculate your impact on the planet.  So every time you take a road trip or do your weekly shop, track the impacts and see how much it adds to your carbon footprint. 

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Fantastic App

Easy to use and actually really good fun! Highly recommended

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Completely Brilliant

I’ve been waiting for an App like this and Earth Rewards has come up trumps! So easy to use with clear graphics, concise information and constant updates. Well timed and brilliantly delivered.

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Really nice looking app. Easy to use with some great brands offering good discounts

Hamida Bibi
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Great app

Really cool now i can track my carbon footprint and take steps to reduce my impact on the environment.

Eco- Trace 101
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