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One for you, one for the planet

We know that discussing your environmental credentials with your customers is not always easy. So let Earth Rewards do the talking for you!

“78.1% of consumers say they are willing to change their lifestyles to protect the environment”

World Economic Forum

Earth Rewards gives you the tools to support your customers in their desire to make a difference. And for them to become your environmentally-conscious consumers.

By partnering with us, you can provide a simple, relevant and exciting way for your consumers to achieve their green goals. Consequently, you can be rewarded from the additional brand loyalty these consumers will give you, and even attract new customers along the way too.

“80% of consumers get excited to find a new way to earn loyalty points”

KPMG Report – Is it time to rethink loyalty programs?

Financial incentives are a must-have in loyalty programs. However non-monetary incentives are the differentiator between static and forward-thinking rewards programs. The Earth Rewards program provides an exciting non-monetary incentive for consumers, through its relevant and engaging environmental message and interactive design.

How will Earth Rewards work with your business?

Through the combined efforts of our environmental experts, designers and developers, the Earth Rewards program is available for businesses as either of the following options:

Integrated Program

Earth Rewards API can be seamlessly integrated to complement, revive and enhance existing rewards programs.

Standalone Program

Earth Rewards design provides the entire infrastructure for a new, engaging rewards program for you to offer your customers.

Both the options above utilise blockchain technology to provide secure and accurate distribution and tracking of Earth Rewards, together with secure and immutable tracking of the underlying offset certificates.

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