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Our environment-based rewards solution provides a consumer engagement tool with a positive environmental message.

Climate change and the environment are currently right at the top of the global news agenda. As a result, people are becoming increasingly aware of environmental issues. There is a clear need for an effective environmental rewards solution to provide an effective call-to-action.

Earth Rewards provides a dynamic addition for existing loyalty rewards programs, by delivering an effective communication tool. It engages with the consumer on an environmental level. At the same time it empowers them to take simple yet effective actions. Above all, it promotes the emotional, feel-good factor engagement that customers are looking for from their rewards experiences.

“81% of global consumers feel strongly that companies should help improve the environment”

Nielsen Insights, November 2018

By partnering with us, you can enhance the desirability of your loyalty program with an environmentally-focused reward solution which also benefits your company, your customers and the climate.

Our breakthrough environmental rewards solution is technologically-advanced. It also benefits from a streamlined on-boarding process. The platform is designed to be agile and flexible, to complement existing loyalty programs. It is equally suitable for businesses that wish to offer additional customer rewards value and benefits.

“80% of consumers get excited to find a new way to earn loyalty points”

KPMG Report – Is it time to rethink loyalty programs?

Earth Rewards as loyalty points

Earth Rewards points carry a carbon value. This carbon value can be used towards offsetting carbon impacts that cannot be reduced or avoided. Each Earth Rewards point also contributes to the protection of endangered rainforests, the biodiversity within them and the communities that call them home. These integral principles can provide valuable and desirable additional benefits to your customers. These can be alongside existing rewards or offered as additional incentives.

“Climate change and protecting the environment ranked as the number one concern for the millennial and Gen Z demographics globally”

Deloitte Global Millennial Survey 2019

How Earth Rewards can work with your business?

The Earth Rewards loyalty platform has been developed to be cross-platform compatible. Whether via EPOS, e-commerce, in-app or voucher campaign, Earth Rewards can provide the best possible solution for your business needs as well as an effective and positive environmental message . The flexibility of the Earth Rewards program means there are options to suit businesses of any size or location. For example:

Integrated Program

Earth Rewards API can be seamlessly integrated to complement, revive and enhance existing rewards programs.

Standalone Program

Earth Rewards is designed to provide the entire infrastructure for a new, engaging rewards program to offer your customers.

Let’s Talk Loyalty Podcast with Paula Thomas

Listen to the “Let’s Talk Loyalty” with Paula Thomas podcast featuring Earth Rewards. This is an industry podcast for loyalty marketing professionals. In this episode, our very own CEO deep dives into the benefits of Earth Rewards. In particular he explains how any loyalty programme can partner with us to make a real difference to the environment.

Listen now or download it here

Security and Privacy

The Earth Rewards platform utilises secure private blockchain technology. Specifically, this enables the platform to provide transparent and accurate distribution of Earth Rewards tokens. It also provides secure and immutable tracking of the underlying offset certificates.

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