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Carbon Calculator

We have created Earth Rewards points – which we have called ERZ. Each ERZ has direct and positive action towards helping the environment. They help protect the planet by supporting the protection of at-risk rainforests. They also allow consumer to offset their impacts on the planet. This is through each ERZ carrying a carbon offset…
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Help the environment

Earth Rewards contribute to the important protection of areas of endangered Amazon rainforest in Brazil, the biodiversity within it and the communities who call it home. The current project prevents CO2 emissions from entering the atmosphere through a forest protection and avoided deforestation project. This project keeps the existing trees standing so they can continue…
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Carbon Footprint

Carbon footprint calculations are complex. There are a number of variables that are required to be taken into consideration. The Erath Rewards carbon footprint calculator makes is simple for the user to track their carbon footprint. Simply put, pretty much everything we do in our day to day lives results in the release of carbon…
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Carbon Tracker

Our carbon tracker is the best tracker on the market as it lets you decide what you want to track. We have created an entire tech ecosystem which combines custom-built technology platforms with carbon data from world-leading experts, a forest protection project in the Amazon rainforest, to deliver a globally-applicable platform for people to track…
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