Technical Specifications

Loyalty Program Technical Specifications

The application utilises the ScriptTag feature provided by Shopify.

Essentially, it is our own JavaScript code that is loaded into the main page of the shop’s storefront. The script does not change any of the look and feel of the existing store. We simply use a floated element in the form of a popup that customers can use to view the Earth Rewards loyalty related features. We do not modify any of the existing contents in the page and we don’t inject any additional data or metadata.

The administration of the Earth Rewards Loyalty Program is executed via a self-hosted web based dashboard that is outside the realms of the main shop’s website. 

The popup user interface we inject into the shop’s storefront via a ScriptTag does not allow any customisations regarding the look and fill. We are planning to offer this feature via a future version. Shop owners will be able to modify the styles via our web based dashboard.

We don’t support any code libraries at the moment but we’re working on adding an SDK that will allow tech-savvy partners to integrate the Earth Reards Loyalty Program into their existing systems and automate the management of the Loyalty Program. At the moment the only way a shop owner can manage the program is via the web-based admin dashboard.