Loyalty Program FAQs

Frequently Asked Questions

What is the Earth Rewards app for?

The Earth Rewards app provides an innovative and cost-effective loyalty rewards program to integrate into your Shopify store. It enables you to reward your customers for choosing to shop with you, with points that help protect the planet!
Using our simple dashboard, you can set up your rewards program in minutes. By creating the rewards rules for your campaign, you can start rewarding your customers for their purchases from your store.  
The points you issue are Earth Rewards points (ERZ).  Each ERZ brings positive benefits for the environment, it has a carbon offset value that your customers can use towards reducing their carbon footprint, plus it delivers an emotionally-engaging incentive for your customers to keep returning to your store! 

How will the app benefit my store?

The app will provide a unique and engaging rewards program, attracting and incentivising new and existing customers with an exciting new way to earn rewards!  Offering rewards to your customers will increase loyalty, and add transactional value to your store, customers are likely to increase the amount they spend, to increase the number of rewards they can collect.  
The major benefit of using our app as your rewards program is that every ERZ helps protect the Amazonian rainforest, plus they carry a carbon offset value which your customers can use to offset their carbon impacts, so thanks to you, they will be helping the environment every time the shop with you! 
The environmental value of ERZ points adds a unique enhancement for your brand positioning, whilst empowering your customers to balance their own environmental impacts. Customers will want to earn as many points as they can, as the more they earn, the more they can offset their footprint, and the more they are helping the environment!
Also, when you sign-up and get started with Earth Rewards, your store gets a free listing in the retailer directory on our mobile app!  This is customisable with your logo and store name and includes a clickable link direct to your store!
Our dedicated team of environmental, retail and tech experts are on call to help you with any environmental, technical or business queries you may have.

What are the costs?

The app is free to install, and you get 1,000 Earth Rewards points (ERZ) to get you started! There’s no fixed subscription or monthly costs – you can set your own monthly cap and budget.  We have two payment options – auto top-up payment plan or pay as you go.  Our per-point model of £0.01 per ERZ enables you to easily set your own budget, and provides full cost transparency of your campaigns.

What is an Earth Rewards point?

Firstly, to make things easier (and quicker) we call our Earth Rewards points ERZ.  
Each ERZ has a carbon offset value of 1kg CO2e. It’s equal to 2 square metres of Amazonian rainforest being protected from deforestation, through the Trocano Araretama Project.

How do customers earn rewards?

Once a customer has joined the Earth Rewards program and connected their account to your store, every time they earn ERZ from you, they will be automatically added to their Earth Rewards account, in the Earth Rewards mobile app [LINK: https://app.earthrewards.net/]
The transactions will clearly show that the rewards were earned via your store, and will be attributed to their Retail Partners page, under your store name.
You can set the reward conditions for how ERZ are earned in your store, in the Earth Rewards dashboard.  Example conditions are: 100 ERZ for an order over £10; 10 ERZ per £1; or 20 ERZ per transaction.

What other benefits are there from using the app?

You receive aggregated customer insights as soon as your customers join the program. 
You will be included in our retailer directory.  You’ll also receive our retail partners newsletters, which include regular content on sustainable business practice and environmental news relevant to you as a merchant.
You’ll also get coverage across our social media platforms, blog, website, mobile app and in our own email campaigns.
We are more than an app provider; we are a team of technical, environmental and loyalty marketing professionals and are more than happy to help further than what the app can provide! Email any queries to us at hello.team[at]earthrewards.net

How do Earth Rewards points (ERZ) benefit the environment?

Each ERZ that you issue contributes to the Trocano Araretama Project, protecting 1.3 million hectares of Amazon rainforest that is at risk of deforestation.

By protecting the forest, it means that the trees remain standing and continue to lock in the carbon they’ve absorbed throughout their lifetime.  This also means that the abundant (and endangered) biodiversity in the area is being protected too, plus the communities living within the area have their homes, histories and livelihoods safeguarded, as well as getting extra benefits such as clean drinking water, energy supply, healthcare facilities, and schools and community centres. 
By doing all this successfully, year after year, the Trocano Project receives carbon offset certificates. These certificates are each equal to 1 tonne (or 1,000kg) of CO2e, and for the Earth Rewards program have been split into 1kg values and attached to the ERZ points, using our own private blockchain platform for traceability and security. 

Funds generated by the Earth Rewards program go to the Trocano Project to ensure the continued implementation of the project and all its benefits, creating the emotional engagement between you and your customers. For more information please visit our environmental benefits page.

How do I install the Earth Rewards Loyalty App to my Shopify Store?

1. Click install from the Earth Rewards listing in the Shopify App Store.
2. Accept the permissions required for the app to function.
3. You’ll be redirected to our sign-up page. Just complete the create an account details, and click Get Started. If you’ve already registered an account with us, you can log in from here.
That’s it! We will add a pop-up widget in your online store which will be used by your customers to join your Earth Rewards Loyalty Program. They’ll also be able to view the rewards available to them.

What will customers see once I’ve installed the Earth Rewards app on my store?

Your customers will see a call-to-action icon in the bottom right corner of your store. When your customer clicks on this, a dynamic, drop-in widget opens which introduces them to your Earth Rewards loyalty program.  They can use this widget to join the Earth Rewards program and connect to your store, view the rewards that you are currently offering, plus their rewards history from your store and their ERZ total balance.  

What data does the Earth Rewards Loyalty App collect?

Please see our Shopify Privacy Policy here.

What changes are made to my store at a technical level?

Please see the Loyalty program technical specifications for our Shopify app here.

How do I uninstall the app?

You can pause your Earth Rewards program within the dashboard.  Go to Settings and click Disable Your Program. The content of the drop-in widget on your store will change when you disable your program, to ensure your customers are not expecting to earn rewards at this time. You can uninstall the app completely within your Shopify admin panel.

Anything we haven’t answered here? Please get in touch!